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Korean Cravings is a Philippine and South Korean-based online retail shop geared towards Hallyu or Korean wave enthusiasts. We make K-Pop, Korean Drama, Korean Fashion, Korean Beauty, and everything else imported and made in Korea available to Koreanophiles in the Philippines and worldwide. ♥

We ship worldwide.
Original K-Pop Merch and Quality Controlled Goods
Albums count in Hanteo, Gaon, other Korean music charts, and the Billboard charts.

How it Started

We started in April 2010 under the name Beau Stuff, opening an account on the now defunct social network and online marketplace, Multiply.com, hoping to sell beauty products from Germany. However, being highly fascinated with the Hallyu wave led us to change our focus and cater to what was then a promising market.

Adapting to the Hallyu Revolution

In June 2010, we decided to scrap the whole German beauty idea and sell only K-Pop and Korean drama products. We eventually sold Korean beauty, fashion, and Japanese releases as well. In September 2011, we changed our name to Korean Cravings and acquired the domain name www.koreancravings.com.

Going Independent with koreancravings.com

Our startup on Multiply was very relevant as it paved the way for our growth. As one of the sellers with the Trusted Badge and heavy site traffic, we gained followers and loyal customers. Fortunately, we were able to successfully set up our official website and update our account on other social media platforms even before Multiply closed down.


Up to this day, Korean Cravings continues to serve the flourishing Hallyu wave market–our fellow fan girls, fan boys, and Korean culture enthusiasts.

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