Korean for Beginners : Mastering Conversational Korean


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Contrary to many textbooks that begin with introductions like “My name is Steve, I’m a student, I’m from England,” this Korean language textbook takes a refreshing approach by focusing on practical language skills such as ordering food and finding the bathroom. It also introduces Korean emoticons early on, even before teaching Hangul, the Korean alphabet, and incorporates a sense of humor throughout.

While it may not be the ideal textbook for a strictly structured approach to learning Korean, it prioritizes getting learners quickly acquainted with the language, providing them with sentences they can use right from their first day in Korea. Its emphasis lies in helping learners become functional and confident in the Korean language as efficiently as possible.

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Korean for Beginners : Mastering Conversational Korean  Amen Henry J./ Park Kyubyong



Paperback, CSM PAP/CD


This book is for people who want a grasp of how to speak, write and understand Korean.

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For Beginners, Intermediate