Korean Grammar for International Learners (Textbook + Workbook)


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The Korean Grammar for International Learners textbook series deviates from others on the list by strongly emphasizing developing a deeper understanding of the language’s structure and grammar.

Unlike textbooks designed for quick proficiency, this series is geared toward learners seeking a comprehensive comprehension of Korean sentence construction. It is an invaluable reference for individuals desiring a thorough grasp of the language.

It’s important to note that this series is not intended for beginners and assumes prior knowledge of Korean basics or at least the ability to read Hangul (as Romanization is not provided).

While the book may not explain grammar points extensively, it compensates for this by offering numerous example sentences. These examples play a vital role in helping learners grasp the practical application of various Korean grammar concepts.

Although not recommended as a starting point, a reliable reference textbook becomes essential as you progress in your Korean language journey and aim to achieve fluency. In terms of comprehensiveness, this series stands out as an exceptional resource for learners seeking a deeper understanding of Korean grammar and sentence structure.


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