Korean Pronunciation Guide – How to Sound like a Korean (English ver.)


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Korean Pronunciation Guide – How to Sound Like a Korean is a self-study learning resource focused on pronunciation, designed for Level 2 to 4 learners, including beginners and intermediate learners of Korean. The book offers a systematic approach to summarizing pronunciation rules often scattered in Korean textbooks.

The material begins by presenting the basics of Korean pronunciation, including consonants, vowels, final consonants (Batchim), and liaisons. It then covers pronunciation rules that learners commonly inquire about, such as palatalization and nasalization. By providing a structured and organized format, learners can grasp the pronunciation principles and gradually improve their speaking and listening skills.

The book follows a 3-step structure, consisting of basics, rules, and recitation. In the basics section, learners study basic Korean pronunciations based on the principles of creating Hangeul. The rules section focuses on pronunciation rules applied between syllables. The recitation step allows learners to apply these rules and practice reading texts at the actual dialogue speed.

The book includes vivid illustrations and detailed English explanations to facilitate understanding of difficult pronunciations. The illustrations depict the movement of speech organs during articulation, enabling learners to compare and study pronunciations they may find challenging. English explanations are provided to ensure learners with intermediate proficiency or below can easily comprehend the content.

The book includes 20 recitation texts, offering diverse materials that connect to real-life situations. These texts are presented in colloquial and literary styles, allowing learners to listen, repeat, and expand their understanding of Korean culture. Professionally recorded readings of the texts are provided, enabling learners to practice and enhance their fluency by following the recorded reading speed.

“Korean Pronunciation Guide – How to Sound Like a Korean” provides a comprehensive resource for learners to improve their pronunciation skills, starting from the foundational principles and progressing to practical application through recitation exercises.


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