Korean Society an Introduction Edited by Andrew Eungi Kim


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Introduction : Andrew Eungi Kim
Trends and Changes in Contemporary Korean Society

Part I. Culture
Chapter 1 : W?nsik Hong
Korean’s Formation of Relationships Based on Uri (“We”) and its Philosophical Background
Chapter 2 : Andrew Eungi Kim
Nation-Building in South Korea: The Role of Civil Religion in the Making of National Identity and Community

Part II. Family
Chapter 3 : Sug-In Kweon
The Extended Family in Contemporary Korea: Changing Patterns of Co-residence
Chapter 4 : Eunhee Kim
“Home is a Place to Rest”: Constructing the Meaning of Work, Family and Gender in the Korean Middle Class

Part III. Gender Inequality
Chapter 5 : Jiyeoun Song
Activating Women in the Labor Market: The Development of South Korea’s Female-Friendly Employment and Labor Market Policies
Chapter 6 : Hee-Kang Kim
Locating Feminism beyond Gender and Culture: A Case of the Family-head System in South Korea

Part IV. Education
Chapter 7 : Young-Kyun Yang
Education and Family in Korean Society
Chapter 8 : Doobo Shim and Joseph Sung-Yul Park
Cultural Politics of Language and the “English Fever” in South Korea

Part V. Religion
Chapter 9 : Sung-Eun T. Kim
Korean Buddhist Religiosity and the Adoption of Korean Traditional Religious Ethos: Preserving the Korean Traditional Sacred Geography
Chapter 10 : Andrew Eungi Kim
Christianity in Korea and Japan: Cultural and Socio-political Factors for Dissimilar Impacts
Chapter 11 : Kil-myung Ro
New Religions and Social Change in Modern Korean History

Part VI. Aging
Chapter 12 : Andrew Eungi Kim
The Ageing of Korea: Trends, Causes and Implications.
Chapter 13 : Keongsuk Park
Consecrating or Desecrating Filial Piety?: Korean Elder Care and the Politics of Family Support

Part VII. Increasing Ethnic Diversity in Korea and Multiculturalism
Chapter 14 : Hyuk-Rae Kim
Contested Governance in the Making of Multicultural Societies: Labor Migration and International Marriages in South Korea
Chapter 15 : In-Jin Yoon
Multicultural Minority Groups and Multicultural Coexistence in Korean Society

Part VIII. Hallyu (The Korean Wave)
Chapter 16 : Ingyu Oh
Hallyu (the Korean Wave): Worldwide Popularity of Korean Popular culture
Chapter 17 : Woongjo Chang and Shin-Eui Park
Hallyu, the Korean Wave: Cultivating a Global Fandom

Part IX. Urbanization
Chapter 18 : Tai-hwan Kwon
The Trends and Patterns of Urbanward Migration in Korea, 1960-1985
Chapter 19 : Ik Ki Kim
Socioeconomic Concentration in the Seoul Metropolitan Area and its Implications in the Urbanization Process of Korea

Part X. Economy
Chapter 20 : Jaymin Lee
A Half Century of Korean Economic Development: 1952-2002
Chapter 21: Min-Ho Kuk
Consolidation of the Developmental State and Chaebols in Korea: After the 1997 Economic Crisis

Part XI. Anti-Americanism
Chapter 22 : Sangtu Ko
The Causes of Fluctuating Anti-Americanism in South Korea
Chapter 23 : Kisuk Cho
A Model on the Rise and Decline of South Korean Anti-American Sentiment

Part XII. North Korea & Unification
Chapter 24 : Stefan Niederhafner
The Internal Economic, Political, and Social Challenges of Reunification: Why South Korea Cannot Follow Germany’s Strategy
Chapter 25 : In-ae Hyun
Analyzing the Structure of the North Korean Leader Myth and Creating the Kim Jong-un Myth



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