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Incorporate these cute Sazac Kigurumi or animal pajama onesies during your fun time with friends and family! Like your favorite K-pop idols and Korean bloggers, wear them to pajama parties, cosplay events, and pictorials!

These Sazac Kigurumi / animal pajamas are original, sustainable, and made with top-notch crafting skills, using only high-quality products. Kigurumis from Sazac Korea is different from those of Chinese brands. See the comparison below.

Original. Made in Korea and shipped from South Korea.

Note for all buyers:

Each Sazac Kigurumi weighs around 1-2kg, depending on each design. Shipping fee worldwide (excluding the Philippines) runs from:

15-40 USD in Asia and the Pacific

35-40 USD in Middle East and Central Asia

35-40 USD in North America

35-55 in Europe

35-40 USD in Oceania

65-75 USD in South America


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